"Al and his team are the true experts of SEO work. I hired his company to help me to promote my website in a very competitive area NYC, and my website is already on the first page of Google search for most of the keywords within two months."

Nancy Hui


The SEO Expert

More than an SEO Consultant, I am also an entrepreneur. I understand how important it is that your business is seen by thousands of potential customers online. It’s a fact that websites on the first page of Google results receive 5x MORE visitors. More visitors mean more chances of getting leads or even sales.

Are you ready to see how the Web can change the way you do business? Let’s talk.

Al Gomez
Founder & Head of Operations

Why Hire SEO Expert Al Gomez

We work collaboratively on all SEO projects in-house

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I’m Particular About My Clients

I don’t take on a project or campaign that I'm not 100% confident about. I like working with a small group of businesses so I can focus on each one.


I Use Only White-hat SEO Strategies

All my optimization techniques are user- and search engine-friendly. Your customers and Google will love the SEO changes to your website.


I Always Deliver

I’m not just an SEO Expert – I’m also a business owner. I understand how important timely results are, and what it takes to keep a business running.


I Don’t Employ Lock-in Contracts

You will only pay for the work I do for you. All fees will be discussed and agreed upon once you hire me as your SEO consultant for specific campaigns.


I’m Transparent

Aside from prompt, detailed reports, you will also be kept up-to-date with your website’s progress. Don't hesitate to contact me for inquiries.


I Don’t Outsource

Everything from web development to content is done in-house. I have a specialist for each aspect of SEO to help bring out your brand’s strengths.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Take a look at how Al Gomez and his team work for your website.

Stefan, AustraliaAl is very honest and explains things very well. Within a month, plus a new one he built from scratch and took 3 or 4 weeks to build but it went to the top quite quickly because of all the work that he did, setting it up right.
Stefan, Australia
Brisbane CBD CHIRO
Lana, USAHiring Al and his team was one of the best online marketing decisions we ever made. In just three months, we started seeing an improvement in our traffic and ranking. The best part about working with them was Al’s dedication to the campaign.
Lana, USA

Visionary & Trusted Partner

The SEO Expert You can Rely On

An SEO Expert needs to be a visionary as well as a trusted business partner. After all, your website is your window on the World Wide Web. That’s why I think and plan ahead. Be confident that your business is always in good hands – from the start to the end of your campaign. My marketing strategy isn’t just about numbers – it’s numbers that matter to YOU.


Getting on top of organic search results is one way of getting seen and noticed by users and it is also one of our vital goals for your website as our valued client.


Targeted traffic is essential for every website and because it can influence your website conversion rate, this is the reason why this is essential to consider.


Website optimization doesn't just stop with visibility: one main important goal that must be achieved is converting leads into sales to ensure business success.

See Real Results Achieved

No promises. Just real, transparent results for your business.

The true measure of a competent SEO agency is if they can deliver the desired outcome. We believe a campaign is NOT effective unless it helps with your bottom line. Numbers don’t lie – and so do we.

SEO Timeframe - 6months


SEO Timeframe - 4months


Questions to Ask SEO Expert Al Gomez

I enjoy helping website owners understand SEO and help them grow their online business.

How long have you been doing SEO?

I have been an SEO consultant since 2007, so it’s more than eight years. Anybody can do basic SEO, and just about anyone can setup companies overnight – but I believe it takes REAL experience to make clients happy.

How can my business benefit from your strategies?

I’ll need to know your goals and objectives first to craft customized SEO methods to fit your needs. We also offer Local SEO services to small businesses for Local SERPs; specifically in Los Angeles & New York.

When I can Expect Results from my Campaign?

Depending on the type of industry and target market, most can begin seeing positive results as early as 3-6 months. But it usually takes a year for SEO effects to really create an impact, especially for the long-term.

Are you adhering to Google's guidelines?

ALL our SEO strategies are in line with Google’s guidelines. Also known as ‘white-hat’ tactics, we do NOT allow spam content or hidden links. Our methods are created to keep working long after the campaign is over.

How will I be kept updated about my site's progress?

We send monthly reports that detail progress in the three SEO core elements. I'm also available via email or chat (Skype and Viber). We’re known for excellent client relations – so don’t hesitate to give me a call!

Can I ask for a list of current and past clients?

Definitely! Simply send me your request through personal chat on Viber, Skype, or email. I know that you want to look at how we can give value to your website, and for that I'm always ready to provide you with the lists.

How is your online marketing different from others?

We focus on long-term results – NOT just overnight hits. That’s why we pooled our resources and best talents together to design SEO strategies that will improve your website standing for years and years to come.

Do you also check for conversion?

Yes! Today’s SEO is more than ranking (although that’s still important). I understand that you also want to see how our methods could boost your revenue. Let's increase your visibility AND improve your bottom line, too.

What happens if there's a problem during the campaign?

In my years as an SEO consultant, problems cannot be avoided – but what makes our services different is that we will always find solutions. We don’t run away and we won’t abandon you. We will face it head on.

What do you use to measure SEO Campaign results?

We mostly use Google Webmaster (for on-site optimization) and Analytics (for web traffic, social media, etc.). However, we also utilize other tools like Ahrefs, Site Explorer, Semrush and Moz Site Explorer.

SEO Strategist Marketing Approach

WE MAKE SEO EASY. Here’s our simple 4-step process to bring you ahead of your competition. Simple yet effective: that’s what we believe in. Just like you, we aim to work smart to give smart results.



Next, we will formulate the best strategies tailored specifically for your company and what you want to achieve in the future. Subject for your approval.
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You will receive detailed reports regarding the progress of your website. This helps you become actively engaged throughout the entire campaign.
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Our in-house SEO Consultant will assess your website for existing strengths and opportunities, and ask you about your goals for the business.
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Our SEO Expert will then delegate the work to specialized teams so each strategy is executed efficiently and on time for maximum results.
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