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More than an SEO Expert, I am also an entrepreneur and a PPC Specialist. For more than 8 years in SEO industry, experience is the best teacher. It requires technical, creative and analytical skills. I understand how important is your business that can be seen in Google top 3 spot. More visitors mean more chances of getting leads and sales.

To become an SEO Expert, you have to stay on track of the latest Google algorithm updates, webmaster guidelines & create effective SEO strategies.

Al Gomez
Founder & SEO Consultant
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No promises. Just real, transparent results for your business.

The true measure of a competent SEO agency is if they can deliver the desired outcome. We believe a campaign is NOT effective unless it helps with your bottom line. Numbers don’t lie – and so do we.

SEO Timeframe - 6months


Stefan, AustraliaAl is very honest and explains things very well. Within a month, plus a new one he built from scratch and took 3 or 4 weeks to build but it went to the top (local ranking) quite quickly because of all the work that he did, setting it up right.
Stefan, Australia
Brisbane CBD CHIRO
Allen, CanadaIf I’m going to rate something or someone 5 stars, that means it was perfect and delivered in every way. That sums up the working experience I have had with Al Gomez and his team.
Allen, Canada

Our SEO Clients

For 10 years in SEO industry, Dlinkers Co. has been one of the leading SEO providers in the world. We pride of ourselves in long term working relationship. We worked as a team and use SEO strategies tailored to your website requirements. We make sure to exceed their goals by delivering SEO Expert Services that deliver results overtime. We have helped online businesses of all sizes.
We have helped online businesses of all sizes.
SEO Clients


WE MAKE SEO EASY. Here’s our simple 6-step process to bring you ahead of your competition. Simple yet effective: that’s what we believe in. Just like you, we aim to work smart to achieve remarkable results.
Keyword and Competitor Research

Keyword and Competitor Research

When you hire Al Gomez Expert in SEO, the team perform strategic keyword research to find the top-performing key terms for your industry and audiences. This is a crucial step as it will help align your articles, web copy, and other forms of content with your business goal. It will also maximize your SEO campaign.

Link Building

Link Building

Links remain as Google’s top ranking factors. With the help of Link Building Specialist, you can get high-quality links from relevant sources. Our link building strategies are tailored for your website and pass Google quality guidelines. With Competitor Link Analysis, we discover new quality links.

Measure Results & Reporting

Measure Results & Reporting

If you want to see profit, keep track of where you stand in Google search results. An increase in website traffic from Keywords query and Search Engine referrals are good signs. Measuring your site’s bounce rate, page views, indexing status, and visibility are also vital to understand if the SEO campaign is effective.

Best Practices Site Audit

Best Practices Site Audit

A site audit is done by our SEO Specialist to assess your website for existing strengths and opportunities. This helps tailor strategies to what you want to achieve in the future. Onsite factors like Meta tags, SILO, Site Speed, Structured Data, Content and others are examined so that existing problems are fixed.

Content Distribution Strategy

Content Distribution Strategy

One way a true SEO expert can help you get sustainable results is through proper implementation of content distribution. By generating high-quality content such as editorials and articles from authoritative sites, your business can establish authority, spread brand awareness, and target the right audiences.

Improve Results by Implementing Opportunities

Improve Results by Implementing Opportunities

A sustainable SEO campaign is a cycle. It doesn’t stop when you’re at #1. With our SEO help, you can keep ranking by repeating keyword research throughout the campaign to find more valuable key terms. Improving content and optimizing for conversion rate also helps to maintain your top spot.

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