After graduating in West Visayas State University with a Bachelors Degree in Cooperatives Management, she joined at DLinkers team in late June 2013. She was very much ecstatic to be part of the team even though her course was very far from the field of SEO. She struggled to be a link associate at first but eventually got the hang of it after a month and ever since, she doesn’t stop learning new strategies and techniques in making her task easier. She has been determined in not only accomplishing her task but also getting positive results from her linkbuilding campaign.

How She Met Dlinkers

This type of opportunity has allowed her to be more dynamic and resourceful.

Learning At the Company

Learning is a continuous process and it is very much applicable on the type of industry she’s in. Every day is a challenge and she greatly accepts it with enthusiasm. Constant updates make the industry far more demanding but for her, that’s what makes it more exciting. Although she encounters a lot of stressors like deadlines and quotas, she makes it a point to handle it smoothly. Her work had also taught her on how to effectively manage her time.

What Makes Work Fun

Everyday is fun. Surrounded by energetic and co-workers full of puns her day never gets dull. Sharing different thoughts and insights with her colleagues enables her to gain more knowledge. Company functions that allow her to not only showcase her hidden skills but, also let her relax from work for a while. Going to different places with them is also a highlight of being part of this organization. The camaraderie between them is very strong and she was grateful to be a member of this awesome team.

Cherrie's Wisewords:

“Every obstacle is an opportunity.”