She started at Dlinkers late in June of 2013. A Bachelor of Arts major in Tourism graduate from Central Philippine University, she never thought that her path would lead her in the SEO industry. Indeed, some would say it’s a far call from her actual degree – but she has learned to apply some of her skills as months passed. She began as an eager Link Associate; but was later transferred to the Writers’ Team. With constant hard work and persistence to quality, she was able to gain a position as the team’s head.

At present, she handles all types of content; whether for on or off-site optimization. She specializes in creating unique, and engaging text that will attract the target market. Aside from that, she researches on other types of creative content that would reflect a client’s brand and/or mission. On some occasions, she also oversees the total layout of various client websites.

How She Met Dlinkers

Cris, as she prefers to be called, met the company unexpectedly. Before that, she has prior experience as a customer representative at a business outsourcing firm. Perhaps it was Fate – but it was actually her father who had noticed the sign outside of the establishment and encouraged her to apply for a post. There was an opening so she decided to try her luck.


Learning At the Company

Learning never stops – like the pursuit of perfection. This is something she’s always believed in, and so strives each day to achieve. Though many people view online professions as routine, Cris felt it was perpetually dynamic. There are frequent updates, occasional troubles, and even deadlines to beat. Through it all, she gains helpful insights from colleagues and clients alike. And because the nature of her work is fast-paced, she has learned to better manage her time, as well as the many pressures of the office. With a smile on her face, she goes on to discover more practical ways to be productive.

What Makes Work Fun

Cris loves company functions. Whether it’s an impromptu Halloween treat or the annual Holiday festivities; she looks forward to such events as a way to better get acquainted with her team. She considers it as a great avenue to see her colleagues’ other talents. Most of all, Cris just likes eating with her coworkers. Food afterall, is one of the best ways to bring folks together.

Cris' Wisewords:

“You cannot serve two masters at once. It’s either you do it or you don’t – there is no try. Simply focus your energy into creating one thing of quality and the rest will fall into place.”