Started in Dlinkers SEO in April 2010, Marketing graduate (BS Business Administration Major in Marketing) from University of the Philippines Visayas. She actually started having no idea about SEO since in the Philippines on that year you can’t hardly heard about it although SEO is part of online marketing. She started from being a link associate, to becoming an administrative assistant/online researcher and currently the assistant head of operations assisting in on-site optimization and in handling customer issues and concerns. She is also in charge in planning team on what they can do more for the sustainability of operation. This company has a big contribution in her career growth and in managing people.

Currently she is pursuing her graduate course at UPV with Master’s Degree in Master of Management in Business Management since she wanted to know more the art and science of managing people. This is also important as a rational decision maker.

How She Met Dlinkers

It was in a job fair at UPV when she met Dlinkers. As person, Florence is inquisitive and open minded. She is always willing to try new things on her own even without recommendation of others. Another reason that she becomes interested is that they are hiring internet savvy people and of course she is always interested in something online and technology, that’s why she applied. She took the exam, interview. Maybe for her, Dlinkers is in her journey, it is one of the paths that she needs to take to make her realize what truly success in life is.

Learning At the Company

It’s A LOT. Yes she learns lots of things, from strategies, tools to managing people. Job at Dlinkers is actually challenging yet exciting and fun. As a person she always loves challenges, because through it she has learned to be innovative enough in creating alternative courses of action. In terms of managing, it’s actually one of the challenging parts but at this company you will see that there are lots of creative minds. One of the best things that she has also learned is Positivism, wherein it is always important, even there are lots of pressures, deadlines and quotas, you can meet it as long as you are happy while working and always believe that you can do it. And she also learns that it is always important to work as a team since they can come up with lots of ways than working individually.

What Makes Work Fun

Of course, when it comes to that, what she like the most are gatherings, although she is not so much interested with the foods and not as expressive, but as long as she has seen her colleagues happy with the party and games, she also enjoys it. She also likes watching movies with the whole Dlinkers Team. Aside from that she always likes to see lots of HAPPY people radiating their happiness.

Flo's Wisewords:

“Happiness is always within us even you’re having a challenging work or life, just be creative on how it will come out since it can influence others. Be a small sun and start radiating happiness with in you.”