Lea is a graduate of Bachelor of Science and Information Technology at Western Visayas College of Science and Technology last March 2013. In May of the same year, she became part of Dlinkers as a trainee under the Link Building team. Because she has no background of Search Engine Optimization, it became difficult for her to cope up with the tasks assigned to her in the first month of training. With the help of the company’s trainer and her fellow employees, she adapted to the challenges faced by the team and lived up with the goal of reaching the regular echelon in the company.

Because of her dedication towards her work, she is able to accomplish the tasks that have to be done and overcome the challenges with utmost effort and understanding of her work. She always makes sure to accept what has happened, because for her, it is the initial step to overcome the consequences of failure.

How She Met Dlinkers

When she was in college, she already heard the company’s name, Dlinkers, from her alumni who were looking for jobs by that time. After she graduated, one of her friends asked her to send a résumé at the company and she agreed with that idea, since she wanted to find a job that is related to computer and information technology.

At present, she is still working with the company and is gratified with what she learned about SEO. She continues to be committed and updated with the trend in the industry to fulfill her goals effectively.

Learning At the Company

What she learned being with her dynamic team cannot be measured by any measuring instruments. She learns a lot of things. She felt closer to the digital world. She discovers useful tools, practice effective online marketing strategies, and slowly masters appropriate time management. Dlinkers taught her to be positive even when it feels like everything is falling apart. The company plays a significant role in her professional and even person

What Makes Work Fun

The spinning chair! Kidding aside, she finds that working in a vibrant company with cheerful members, every day is a happy day. Despite of some heart breaking changes and horror updates, the team can still cope and even stay beyond the curve with a bright smile. And of course, she loves extracurricular activities like dining out with the team and out-of-town trips.

Lea's Wisewords:

“With strong faith and sufficient knowledge, nothing is impossible.”