She started in Dlinkers last August 2015. As an I.T. graduate from Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College now ISAT-U (Miag-ao campus) or Iloilo Science and Technology University she always aspire to land in a job related to her course, that is the reason why she is thankful being part of Dlinkers as a Link Associate. Being online or working on it is not actually new to her she has experience when it comes to freelancing and knows very well the importance of giving not just reports but results and always willing to explore and learn for more.

How She Met Dlinkers

She is working in a government company but she’s familiar with Dlinkers even before, because she has a sister working on it and has been part of the team since February for a special assignment. And when she was called for a full-time she accepted the offer because she knew that working in the team is fun and exciting and she’s not always closing her doors for further knowledge and always open to accept challenges not just in work but also in life.

Learning At the Company

As part of the team, it’s always a proof that “change” is a constant thing on earth and in order to survive you need to be flexible. Working as a link associate is not an easy task but it is a very exciting one cause there is always change, it’s fun and exciting to meet your deadlines and provide results for the clients. It’s not just a simple practice to make in order to be good; you need to have a “constant and correct practice” to do the job well. Dlinkers taught her always a lot of things especially when using online tools, sometimes you’ll be delighted on what you have discovered and you will even know how using a search engine and using of keywords is powerful to find what you are looking for. Being in the company simply provides her a wide a venue of discovery through online search.

What Makes Work Fun

The cracking of jokes, funny stories, “Eating of Food” (highlighted cause you know I love to eat), surprises, games, listening of music and advises over the radio, friendly co-workers, seeing that your site is showing progress and THERE IS A LOT OF UNEXPECTED with this company, these are the things that makes work fun even though, there’s a lot of challenges and need to meet, wherein you can consider it sometimes stressful but with of all these, working is a but light and exciting.

Mayflor's Wisewords:

“Accept change with a positive approach and forget about negativity, love your work and you’ll soon find that change can’t complicate your job.”