He started in November 2014 at Dlinkers after finishing his college degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, in Central Philippine University. He has been a consistent top student in his batch during his school years. He is an aspiring article writer, essentially discussing life values and piety as his devotion to the Almighty. This has been his primary foundation in striving for excellence in whatever he does.

How He Met Dlinkers

He had a peculiar way of getting into the company. After resigning from his first job and being jobless for a couple of months, he received a prophetic word from his pastor in September 2014 indicating that a job, divinely chosen for him, is waiting. He then responded to that by sending his application letters to different companies. In the same month, he dreamed an old man talking to him stating that he is hired by October. Amazingly, only Dlinkers responded to his application informing him to take an initial exam. In October, he was scheduled to have his interview on his birthday but was postponed three days after due to weather condition. Thereafter, he passed the interview and processed several documents being an employee of the company. After completing the requirements, he joined the team in November 2014 and started his journey as a link builder.

Learning At the Company

The essence of learning lives timelessly. Young and old, amateur and expert has something to learn for the betterment of life. Relatively, computer era regards learning in the same way. Scientific knowledge and discoveries are rapidly increasing especially in technology. This makes him more aggressive in pursuing new information regarding SEO and related fields. He opens himself in feedback and learn from his mistakes to improve professionally.

What Makes Work Fun

Knowing his self worth and the value of what he does makes him more excited to bring his contribution to the continuing success of the company. With the way he entered into the company, he knows that following the path God has set before him will bring him to his destined future and his divine appointment. This makes him joyfully stay in the company.

Nile's Wisewords:

“Pursue what God appointed you to be and He will be with you in the course of your journey.”