After she graduated at West Visayas State University with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2012, Sheila has striven and paved her way to Dlinkers. She became a part of the Dlinkers’ SEO team in May 2012 and since then she has shown her passion and dedication to achieving the best results possible. Her perseverance to do her job well comes from her desire to satisfy not only the clients but also herself.

After almost a year and a half of being a social media marketer, she was promoted be a social media strategist. Her leadership and assistance to her team of talented social media marketers has been a great factor in developing the team’s competence and that dodge their way in building networks and connections to every opened opportunity in the vast realm of social media.

How She Met Dlinkers

She learns all about at Dlinkers when she saw one tarpaulin of job hiring while she was looking for job. She immediately prepared her resume and found her way to Dlinkers’ location. It was just a quick process. She took exam that day, invited for an interview the next day then hired right after it. Before finding Dlinkers, she was able to try her luck to apply in many companies but maybe she was really destined to work in this BPO Company and meet all her awesome colleagues.

Learning At the Company

She learns a lot being a part of the company. She knows that not all the time the answer to every question is laid down to you, most of the time, you, and yourself have to generate your own answers over time. Moreover, she learned that even the best fall down sometimes; but you need to get up, and be better. From those mistakes and failures are opportunities you just have to be brave enough to believe and never give up.

What Makes Work Fun

She, together with the social media team, faces every demand and changes together. Hand-in-hand, they find solutions to every road block and bumps they face along the way. Together they look to every updates and challenges with discipline and patience. These develop their skills and interest even more. What makes Sheila and her team excited are little surprises that awaits them. Simple things as other may look at it but it could mean something big for them. Movie treat, dinner and company events are some of the things that makes them happy.

Sheila's Wisewords:

“In the phase of the impossible, in case you become frightened, don’t be. Instead, be inspired.” This is the driving-motivation that she wants to instill to her co-workers. When you learn to see things in a different perspective, in a different point of view, you will eventually realize that the confusion and pressure fade and the burden lighten.