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Social media platforms like Facebook, have become vital tools for business and communication. Aside from keeping us connected, it’s also used for advertising. Facebook ads for instance, in relation to other digital marketing methods (i.e. PPC, email, SEO), are one of the most popular means of getting recognized.

Today, it’s simply NOT enough to know how to use online tools: one must also understand WHY it’s needed and HOW it can be maximized.

So to help the younger generation recognize their future roles online, I gave a talk about Facebook Advertising as founder of Unlideals and SEOexpertpage. The event was held on September 1st, at the University of Iloilo auditorium, with the support of Dean Seth Nono of the College of Information Technology Education (CITE).


Through this presentation, I hoped to prepare students for their future careers, as well as help current entrepreneurs expand their presence through Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Training: a Day of Learning

Did you know that Facebook stands to earn more than $4 billion on its ads?

This number means that promoting on social media platforms like Facebook is not only lucrative – it’s EFFECTIVE. But only if you know HOW to maximize your time, money, and effort.

Facebook as a platform gives you plenty of freedom: from choosing your demographic, location, to even the look of your ads. This makes it one of the main choices for entrepreneurs and marketers today. Even bloggers who want an extra boost for their posts opt for Facebook ads.

However, when done poorly, you could end up with:

  • ads with little to no clicks
  • wasted money/resources/time/effort
  • low to no conversion rates

Whether you’re a student or a business owner, understanding the ins and outs of this advertising strategy as early as now will prepare you for the demanding market later on.

To cater to our audience, our Facebook Ads Training covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to Facebook advertising
  • Where Facebook advertising works and doesn’t
  • Examples and who’s using
  • How Facebook ads work and why they’re different from Google ads
  • The Main Facebook Ad Types
  • Campaign and Reporting
  • Learn how to create a campaign
  • Audience insights

One of the points we really discussed in detail was choosing your marketing objectives and designing ads based on those goals:


Expert tip: it’s imperative that you carefully set your demographics, location, and behaviors so your ads are shown to the right types of audience.

Next, think about HOW your ads will appear on users’ Timelines. Right now, Facebook offers ads as single image, carousel, and video. Then, decide on WHERE your ads will appear.


Due to this much freedom on customization, marketers and business owners can definitely have some fun personalizing ads for their own target markets. What’s more, Facebook also has their own analytics to help you check on your ads’ performance.

It was certainly a great feeling to discuss how Facebook ads work and how UI students can take advantage of this for their own purposes. Bloggers for instance, can use Facebook ads to get more readers to their site. If they have side hustles (like retailing), the platform can also offer online traffic and potential sales.


Our introduction to the world of online advertising will also be important for their future careers. As more and more employers value candidates with online capabilities, having skills in online advertising is a definite plus. We were so happy to share this knowledge to them.

Facebook Ads Q&A

Throughout the training, our social media manager and copywriter were holding a LIVE Tweet event for documentation. Before the talk formally closed, participants were invited to raise questions on the topic.

One of the things they were concerned about was Facebook ads budget. The platform is in fact, quote flexible in terms of payments. You simply set your desired budget, pay using PayPal or a credit/debit card, and you’re all set. For as low as P40 a day (or less than a $1), you can immediately start running your own Facebook ads.


Another question that was raised was why a Facebook Ad account could be banned. This is tricky as there are plenty of factors involved. But the most common reason is violating Facebook’s terms and conditions. An account can also be suspended if a lot of users reported your ads. You will normally receive a notice so you can appeal your case.

Several students also asked about the authenticity of some Facebook ads and their fear of click baits. Although the social media giant employs strict guidelines, users still need to be vigilant when it comes to ads. We advise students to do their own background checks for online sellers (i.e. confirm seller website and Facebook profile, read testimonials, check for proof of receipts, etc.).

Active participants of the forum received special freebies from Unlideals. All in all, the Facebook Ads Training for UI students was a fruitful, informative event.

Facebook Ads Training a Success!

The subject of digital marketing using Facebook ads is not easy.

That’s why we are so thankful to the University of Iloilo CITE, faculty and staff, senior students, as well as the small business owners who attended the event and truly made it productive. It was an amazing experience to be able to share our knowledge with you.


Want a recap of the event? Check out #UnlidealsFBTalkAtUI on Twitter for the day’s highlights and tips.

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